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Dr. Mastikian’s services cost $300 per hour, which covers therapy, and includes psychological testing, record review, report writing, and communicating with third parties. There is an additional fee for any time spent preparing for and/or delivering expert witness testimony. A comprehensive psychological evaluation typically starts at about $1500, while a comprehensive neuropsychological battery starts at about $2000. Comprehensive forensic evaluations start at $1500. Dr. Mastikian also accepts payment by third parties, such as the public defender’s office or private attorneys, so please discuss payment possibilities with your lawyer if you are interested in a forensic psychologist assessment. Fees and foreseeable costs will be discussed before services begin. Sliding scale fees may also be available depending on the clients presenting problem and surrounding circumstances.

Payment Methods

Dr. Mastikian does not accept insurance. He accepts cash, money orders, and personal checks. Certified checks are also accepted. Forensic psychology services are not healthcare services which are usually covered by health insurance providers. All services require a retainer prior to the commencement of services unless Dr. Mastikian has an agreement with a third party who will be covering the cost for your evaluation. Dr. Mastikian also accepts payment by third parties.

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